Monday, April 2, 2007

Playing Catch-up Again...

What a wonderful weekend!

The weather was gorgeous for the most part, and it was so nice to have the windows open to the outside without being too hot or too cold. I really love working in my art space with the window wide open. (Besides, it keeps my 3 cats interested in something other than what I am doing on my art table!)

I was able to get a new piece finished over the weekend. It is a great feeling when I finish a piece and I know it is finally done (and I won't let myself do anything more to it). This piece is called "Once Upon A Time" and it incorporates my favorite things...vintage imagery, birds, and a little whimsy. I created this collage in a 9 x 12 unfinished shadow box frame that I painted and added decorative paper to. The frame is about 2 inches deep and I have a tiny nest and egg resting inside. (Not a real egg of course!) The golden metal crown on the young princess is 3-D, as is the tiny dragonfly.
Well, I'm off to work on some new ideas for art pieces.

Before I sign is another vintage photo for this week.
This is another of my ancestors. (I often wonder what they were thinking while these pictures were being taken.)
Hope you enjoy the day!